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Related post: Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 18:50:52 -0700 (PDT) From: Silvenfox Subject: The Chosen: Reflecting Equation-1The preteen looking nudes following is a complete work of fiction.Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.Disclaimer:The following story may contain erotic situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. Also expect blood, gore, incredibly funny scenes and super-powered teenagers with a destiny to save the world. naked preteen olitas If you're not a fan of any of these plus strong cursing and cgi dreamwiz preteen violence then this is not your type of story.Chapter 1 For the most part humanity is a murderous race. If you follow history or take a look at the world around us you could just count the numbers. Sad but true. The very first murder, according to Genesis, occurred between two brothers. In a jealous rage Cain snapped and committed the first ever homicide. It was unprecedented and undeniably unforgivable. Cain killed Abel in an unforgiving and violent cold-blooded fashion.As I stared across the simulation room, I began to feel a sense of kinship with the long dead man.Right on, Cain. I feel hottest preteen pics your pain.Downtown Centennial froze around me as the simulation came to a halt. My friends patted Kevin on the back. Actually he was Halo now, since that was form he was currently in. The Chosen circled around Halo praising him for defeating the pile of ashes gathered on the street ahead of us. An ash pile that was once the monstrous form of what I liked to call illegal preteen defloration Papa Godzilla."Hello!" I called, gaining their attention. "In case you guys forget Halo- boy didn't follow the plan."Halo cocked his head at me and said slowly, "I had a clean shot to its heart so I took it. What's the big deal?""This preteen naked girlz was a training preteen and daddy exercise," nn preteen young I said, gruffly. "Training as a team, Kevin. Teamwork doesn't happen by chance."Halo rolled his eyes, exasperated. "Come on, Chad. I'm a one man team. We all know I'm the big gun around here. And look I vaporized that Godzilla clone!"Kevin ran a hand through his shoulder length dark hair and fixed me with a hard stare. Everyone else was throwing me confused looks obviously seeing Kevin's point if their expressions were anything to go by.He was right. Kevin was the big guns. He was the most powerful member of the team. There was no denying that. While his powers underage preteen torrent as Heaven's Trumpet were greatly diminished, they were not entirely lost. He wasn't that supreme being any longer. He couldn't do universe ending stuff with a finger snap anymore, but he was still a force to be reckoned with. As the champion of balance, supermodel preteens thongs we were still unsure of what his sexy striping preteens limits were.Frankly I was sick and tired of Kevin not letting us forget that either. He didn't flaunt his power or was arrogant about it, but it was the little things that were beginning to get to me.Kevin always delivered the killing blow during these training scenarios, like he was some Sailor Moon Buffy with a dick. And sometimes the others deferred to him on principle because of his higher rank. That one right there bothered me the most.Gaius had never done a tour of duty leading the king's Royal Guard. He had been a year away from the age where such training would have begun. While he had some training in terms of defense, Gaius didn't have the experience and training of the Chosen. Simply put, Gaius may be Crown Prince but I was the head cowboy in this posse. And it was going to stay that way."I'm going to have to leave now," said the Executioner, detransforming into Ryan. "I need to head over to the library for my tutoring lessons."A pin could have preteen erotic free dropped. Adam was freaky intelligent, but it was accepted that Ryan was a borderline genius. Their little aceboard preteen chess games were 10yr pic preteen pretty legendary, according to them anyway. I could barely play checkers.Adam cocked his head, voicing everyone's disbelief. "You need tutoring?""I'm doing the tutoring," corrected the dark haired boy with a small smile. "I have to buy my dad a birthday gift so I need extra money for something really nice."Killian quickly stepped to Ryan's side, and without a beat blurted out, "I'm taking off too. I'm his ride.""Convenient," I deadpanned, eyeing his pleased smile. "Guys, training's important."Killian rolled his eyes. "We haven't fought anything in five months, Chad. It's been peaceful. Let's just enjoy it."I blew my breath out in a loud sigh, annoyed. "Look I know it seems kind of pointless, but come on. Do you all think our team expanded to five for no reason at all? Everything happens for a reason."Adam nodded and I smiled at his supportive stance beside me. "Chad's right. We can't slack off. If something comes we need to be ready.""I'm not trying to be a hardass," I patiently explained, meeting gazes with everyone. "I just want to be informed beforehand if something like a shortened practice is needed."Ryan traded a glance with Killian and then turned to Chad. "We can stay if you want, Chad."I waved him off. "Go, go. We'll pick it up in a few days. It's Friday night anyway."They apologized again and then left with us waving them goodbye. Kevin gave Adam a pointed look. It went over his head for a minute then he smiled and nodded. Adam kissed my check and said he'll see me later. I caught his hand and gave it a firm squeeze that he returned with a dazzling smile. I watched him leave through the exit doors and the frozen projection of downtown Centennial faded. Gleaming metallic walls and a domed ceiling replaced the city scenery.Kevin nudged me under the ribs with an elbow. "Are you going to tell me what's your malfunction?""I don't know what you're talking about," I lied, badly.He snorted. preteen movie samples "You know you have to sound convincing when you want to lie."I rolled my eyes. "You just preteen vintage know everything, huh?"Kevin blinked, confused. "What? Are you mad at me? Did I do something?"The honest confusion on his face was enough for my resolve to buckle. He stared at me preteen sch with those wide Bambi hot preteens galliers eyes full of sadness and hurt. It was like a kick to the stomach. Those brown eyes tore into me something awful and did me in."It's not your fault really," I admitted sullenly. "I'm just still adapting to the new dynamics around here. Everyone keeps acting like you walk on water."Kevin held up his hands, backing up. "Whoa, whoa. I'm not trying to ilegal preteenz trying to jack your mojo, Chad."I shrugged, turning my stare to my toes and replied, "I know that. It just feels like at times there are two leaders, instead of one."Fingers came up, cradling my face and lifting my head up. I looked into Kevin's eyes and they were shining with a soft compassion and care. Then, Kevin spoke, slow and gentle, "There's one leader on this team, little brother. It was, is, and will always be you."A slow smile overcame my face. "That's such a Gaius thing to say."He smiled, knowingly and truly, and said simply, "I know."Kevin really was Gaius and vice versa. Where we were still assimilating our past lives physical and mental attributes, Kevin was wholly Atlantean now. There was no distinction between the two. He was Kevin, but everything Gaius was he now shared. Memories, feelings, powers... they were all his. It would be awhile before the rest of us reached full maturation of our own incarnations.He ran a hand through my hair, gentle. Then I jumped as a wet finger slipped easily into my ear and wiggled around. I gave a scream and lurch as Kevin let out a booming laugh.Kevin laughed at my incredulous expression. "Wet willy! Man, you're still my bitch!"I gaped at him. "You're such a douche!""Excuse me for breaking the obvious chick flick moment," he smiled back, proudly. "It was getting all Lifetime Original Movie."My eye twitched. "Jerk.""Bitch."We shared smiles. Our version of `I love you' didn't need explaining. It was the way it had girl preteen porn always been.I shoved him playfully. "Last one to the locker rooms washes the loser's car.""But I don't have a car!"Laughter was the reply as I was already sprinting for the door. Kevin scowled at my backside and took off right behind me. The footrace was quick and not without a bit of cheating. It didn't count if no one but us saw it happen. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.I skidded into the locker room and pumped my fist into the air. "Victory is mine!"Kevin gave a long stare as he went to the locker next to mine. "Sometimes I think you're two years old.""I'm twee!" I grinned, holding up three fingers.He snorted. "You betcha ass you are."I slapped him on the shoulder about to retort when I picked up my bag from the locker. I looked around, a frown tugging at my lips. I looked on the top shelf, bottom, and then practically ripped open my bag.Kevin stopped smothering himself with deodorant to look at me, puzzled. "Did I miss something? What's with the freak out?"I scowled down nn underage preteen into the open bag then preteen russian video looked up. "I can't find my iPod!""The iPod Touch you got for your birthday?"I nodded digging around once more in the bag for good measure. "I know for a fact I left it in my locker yesterday.""Are you sure that's the last place you left it?" asked Kevin, peering into the open locker."I'm positive," I replied, running a hand threw my hair. I let out an agitated sigh. "I figured I would come back and get it today after practice. Fuck!""Calm down, Care Bear," he murmured, laying a comforting hand on my shoulder.I sighed morosely. "Those things are expensive, man."Kevin closed his locker and leaned against the door. "Maybe you grabbed it and just forget about it. It could be in your room or somewhere in your house.""Maybe..." I said slowly, grabbing onto that bit of hope.*** "Chad there you are!"I stopped as I walked into the kitchen thrown off by the sudden exclamation. Mom rose up from the kitchen table and graced me with a wide smile. She was five foot nothing, short. Blond hair fell in gentle curls and her eyes were sky blue, the same color as mine."I just got home," I said wearily, eyeing the laptop on the table that was blaring some eighties pop song that I couldn't quite name.She tugged my hand over to the laptop. "Come look, honey!""Mom have you been drinking?" I asked cautiously, searching for a wine bottle.My mother rolled her eyes. "Funny, kid. Funny. Look..." Pointing at the screen, she said, "Right... there.""It's nude african preteen your name under the finalist column for the Pulitzer prize for journalism. But you've known you've been a finalist for a month now." I looked at her blankly. "Is this where I'm supposed to act surprised?""This is the Pulitzer website," she explained with a giddy smile. "Now the world knows too."I cracked a smile. "I know this tgp nudist preteen is you're dream and all, but you seem daddys preteen slut high. I'll stage an intervention if I have to. I won't let you end up like Lohan.""Oh, shut it," she said, her cheeks flushing.I shook my head, smiling brightly. "I'm just kidding, Mom. I'm really happy for you. I know how long you've wanted this. I really hope you win."Mom grinned and practically glided over to the stove to check on dinner. I watched her hum with a smile. She was so happy. The Pulitzer was the highest achievement a journalist could earn for the craft and she was this close to getting one. The award would serve as a testament to her career and everything she had worked toward. She deserved it.I wasn't too comfortable with the article that was up for the award however. The article in question was titled, `Superheroes and Why We're Better Because of Them'.Yeah. Ponder which superheroes she meant. The piece was moving and thought provoking. It painted a better future of the world just because the porn russian preteen Chosen were in it. Like it or not the preteen diaper photos Chosen were here and the world knew it.I had enough trouble meeting my own expectations. Now that included over six billion people's ideals and sensibilities to worry about. In the comics the world always turns against the hero at one point or another. I couldn't let them down.The prize winners would be announced in April, two months from now. We all had our fingers crossed."Mom I need some new bras," complained Morgan, striding into the kitchen. "All the ones I have now are too tight."My sister was a younger version of Mom in looks. Personality, however... that all came from Satan. A bit of vomit threatened to rise as I caught sight of her shirt. And she definitely wasn't wearing a bra. The urge to vomit was stronger now."I think that's my cue to leave," I muttered, holding my stomach. Morgan was blocking the doorway. "Out of the way, Slutty Spears.""Why are you even breathing the same air as me," Morgan demanded, planting her hands on her hips.I pasted a sweet smile on my face. "The more air I breathe is the less there is for you. And sooner or later who knows, maybe there won't be enough for you. Do you get me?""A three free neked preteen inch stiletto heel buried in your chest," she retorted, glaring. "Do you get me?"Mom slammed the spoon on the counter and we both jumped. Her glare when used was more potent that Morgan's. In fact Morgan's was a weaker version of the dark rompl preteen biz look aimed at us. I gulped."You two need to grow. I won't have this nonsense going on right in front of me. Now knock it off and apologize."We fixed each other with strained, fixed smiles and said apologies through gritted teeth. Mom wasn't fooled and tolerated the display with a fierce scowl of motherly disapproval. I decided to beat it before I did something like tripping the little hellbeast."I'll be in my room," I said, picking up my bag by the door. "Let me know when dinner's ready."I closed the door russian preteen portal behind me as I walked into my bedroom, automatically tossing my backpack into the corner and toeing off my shoes. I turned the TV on and began searching for my iPod. I hated losing things. Losing such an expensive object that had been a gift burned even more. Like, fire eating at my lungs burned. Those CSI guys make finding nn preteen mpegs shit look so much easier than the disaster that my room morphed into after a thorough search.It wasn't here. preteen pictue galleries Whatever hope I had of finding it died. I knew where I left it and it definitely wasn't in preteens breast this room. No matter what Kevin led me to believe. If it wasn't here... and not in my locker, where I left it, damn it, then that only left one conclusion.My cell phone was pressed to my ear half a heartbeat later. It rang four times before it was picked up with an out of breath, "Hello?""Caine, it's Summers," I said quickly.There was a long, long pause and then Adam sighed, saying, "I know, Chad. Little thing called caller-ID."I continued on like I didn't hear that. "Why'd you answer the phone all breathless? Got a hot guy over?""You know how I roll," he replied, promptly. I could hear the smile through the phone. "Seriously though, I just got out of the shower. I had to run to the phone."An image of an Adam standing in his room, dripping wet, towel hanging low on his waist blazed across my mind. Water trailed down wide shoulders and over muscular pecs.I swallowed hard and muttered, "You did that on purpose.""I promise to only use my powers for rusian models preteens good," he said mischievously with a chuckle. "What's wrong, baby? You only ever start phone conversations with last names when you're all, like, intense."My thoughts took a u-turn and went back on track. "You're right. I have some bad news.""What?" he asked, panic swirling in that single word."One of those cocksuckers that call themselves our friends is a Goddamn thief!"The sigh that followed was long and measured and Adam replied with perfect calm, "Start from the beginning."And I did. The story became this, like, convoluted epic retelling that could rival an Indiana Jones movie in its enormity. I preteen chinees finished with a satisfied air. Soft noises, which sounded suspiciously like snoring, started from the other end of the line. Oh, hell no!"Hey, wake up, ball-licker!""I wasn't asleep," came the instant reply, groggy and rough.I snorted. "Yeah, right. I can really feel the support. Why do I love you again?""My rockin' bod," Adam quipped, yawning.I nodded, smiling, "Damn, straight. Now to summarize, since some asshat wasn't paying attention, my iPod was in my locker. It's gone now. I've looked everywhere. Since Nathaniel is in Oakland that leaves only me, you, Adam, Ryan, and Kevin who had access to the locker rooms. Do the math, bright eyes.""Don't most erotic preteens you think you're reaching?" Adam argued, clearly not on my side. "These are our friends we're talking about. Do you really think they'll steal from you?"My mouth dropped open. "Need I remind you of the time I was missing my Supernatural DVD's only to find a note with just a winking smiley and Kevin's signature in their place. And then, remember the socks he randomly stuffed down the drain in the bathtub? What did he say when I preteen miss nude called him? Come on, you know the rest...""I'm the Wet Bandit, Bitch," Adam quoted, reluctantly.I smirked triumphantly. "I prove my preteen boys model case."Realizing I was pacing with the phone. An insanely bad habit that annoyed me whenever I realized I was doing it, I jumped on vombat preteens the bed and laid spread eagle. I maneuvered myself so the phone was cradled between my shoulder and ear as I leaned on the pillow, flicking through the channels with the remote."We know them," said Adam. "I'm sure its just misplaced or something. We can trust them."I let out a quiet breath. "You can't always trust preteen lesbian models the people you want pics preteens masturbating to.""10 Things I Hate About You?" Adam asked, humored.An involuntary grin spread across my face. "I love you," I said, meaning that in every possible way, coz damn, how could I be so lucky as to have found innocent pregnant preteen someone who always got my obscure pop culture references? 1999 teen romcom films involving Julia Stiles as a nonconforming feminist, of all things, was definitely among the obscure."I love you, too," said Adam and then his voice went serious. "But I don't believe our friends would do this.""What about when Chad and Taylor broke up Troy and Gabriella in High School Musical," I countered seriously. "Friends are sneaky. I don't want to believe it either."The show on the TV caught my eye. I raised the volume as Martin Lawrence's sitcom from the 90's returned from commercial. My ears perked up as Martin lamented on about friendships and thievery. Well, well, well. If this wasn't a sign I didn't know what was. I watched, listening to Adam with half an ear, as Martin planned and schemed to find out the truth and finger a culprit."Are you listening?"I nodded, forgetting he couldn't see it. "I mean, uh, yeah...""That's definitely a no."I hmmed under my breath, my eyes riveted on the screen, plans forming together in my mind. "Time to put all those episodes CSI and Law and Order to good use.""Oh no, what are you planning now, boy wonder?" he asked suspiciously.A small smile formed on my face. "That's a secret. Later, baby."Adam gave me a brief warning followed by an I love you before we hung up. I mean I was all for trust, hand-holding, friendships and rainbows, but my eyes were wide open. I do trust my friends, once blindingly, but no one was without faults. Maybe it was an accident. I don't know. But I was going to get to the bottom of this. I rifled through my backpack and pulled out a thin pocket notebook. I flipped through to a blank page and wrote:Bait Test TrapI circled the last word so hard that the pen shredded through the paper. I was going to get my damn iPod back. Fuck yeah, and I had a plan.*** It was a Saturday afternoon and the restaurant was so slow that tables trickled in once every half hour. perky preteen models I sat in a booth in a corner near the back of the place, almost by the black preteen bbs kitchen. Not the best table but that didn't matter. I wasn't here for the ambience. Ryan dug into the wings before him, dragging his eyes off one of the plasmas that hung on the wall showcasing ESPN."It was really nice of you to spring for wings, Chad," said Ryan, smiling.I shrugged modestly. My own wings sat on my plate barely touched. "We haven't hung out in awhile."And the Oscar goes to... I had to give myself a pat on the back. I was way better at espionage than I thought. Maybe a fallback career as a spy loomed in my future. I pictured myself driving a Porsche through the streets of Paris with a black SUV chasing me, shooting at the tires but failing every shot. That would be pretty epic. It would be more than epic. I smothered the grin that started to tug at my lips when Ryan shot me his patented "boy, why you so crazy" stare.Ryan nodded, sweeping away his bangs that fell into his eyes. "It has been a few weeks. We should all catch a movie or something. I'll just have to be on a day I'm not tutoring."I seized on that given opportunity. "Speaking of your new job, how's that going.""It's going great," Ryan said enthusiastically. "I have to work more than I planned though. Me and Killian's anniversary is coming up right after my dad's birthday, so that's even more money than I planned on needing since I have to get him something too."Hmmm... An iPod would fetch a pretty penny on the black market, and there was such a thing no matter what Kevin said. Where else would you buy a liver or a newborn? My iPod was the latest model. It was a touch screen and it had so many bells and whistles that I was still getting surprised by it. I wouldn't be surprised if it could somehow pick up music from the Andromeda galaxy. Those people at Apple were some smart bastards.Ryan cocked his head, curious. "Why are you watching me like that?""Like what?" I asked blinking, wide and innocent."Riight," said Ryan, obviously knowing he wouldn't get a straight answer by pressing.As he went back to eating and watching me speculatively, I pulled out my notebook. Next to Ryan's name I drew a checkmark.Ryan scratched nervously at the back of his neck as I leveled him with a syrupy sweet smile.Two to go.*** Kevin sat in Ryan's place this time. The wings were gone replaced by desert. I may like my sweets but Kevin's sweet-tooth beat mine by far. The little piggy loved a good piece of cake. Even if he didn't like to admit it I have his number.I watched him shovel another spoonful of chocolate cake in his mouth, feeling vaguely nauseated, but entranced at the same time. Geez, the boy really loved his cake. Watching it was an experience."So why'd you call me here?" asked Kevin, after taking a huge swallow.I played around with a straw wrapper on the table. "I just wanted to talk."Kevin looked at me earnestly. "Are you pregnant? You're not Catholic, man... There are other options.""Shut your big fat face!" I snapped. I took a moment and then breathed out a sigh. A serene smile took over my preteen photos nudist smile that made him blink. "I don't want to argue."He frowned. "That wasn't arguing..." His mouth dropped open. "Are you sick? Is it, like, catchable? Oh God, I took a sip from your drink earlier. Check my temperature! Oh hey, I think I'm going into shock."I stared at his rapidly paling face. "Are you high?""Don't be a dick," Adam retorted, suddenly composed, and staring at me like I was the one freaking out.I rolled my eyes. "You're such a jerk.""Aw, don't be like that, Care Bear," he smiled, brightly. "What's going on? I'm preteen love images all ears, seriously.""Nothing serious," I said, plastering a smile on my face. Seeing his anxious expression I quickly said, "No chick flick moments. I promise."Kevin let out a whoosh of breath, brown eyes lighting up with good cheer. "Thank, God."I took in the coat he was wearing. It was way nicer than the hoodies he usually wore. It was leather, looked real too, so it was expensive. In fact it looked brand new. I gestured at the article of clothing."New coat?" I asked. "I know your feet preteen parents gave you a crap load of gifts at Christmas, since the whole missing thing scared them stupid, but I've never seen that one."Kevin grinned. "It's new. I teeny preteen panties bought it just last week. I want to get all the wear out of it that I can before the weather turns."I frowned. "You bought it? You don't even have a job."Kevin drew his shoulders up and a smug smile formed. "You bet your candy ass I have a job.""Since when?""Like two months now," said Kevin slowly. He tapped a finger against his chin thoughtfully. "I could've sworn I told you."Excuse me, what? My mouth fell open. "No. You didn't! Where do you even work? And where's a paystub, I'm not sure I even believe you."Kevin laughed. "I work with my Uncle Johnny in South Meadows. He has an Ebay store there. I work part-time."I was all ready to offer him congratulations on having a job. No matter if he's been there two months without saying anything, and really who does that, but I paused, thinking."Uh, you work at an Ebay... store?" I asked slowly. Really, how does that work?Kevin's face lit up. "It's really cool. We have a bunch of stuff in the store, preteens butt naked but we sell and distribute everything through Ebay. I get paid hourly and commission. It's sweet, bro."Well damn when you put it like that... I pulled out my little notebook and placed a check by Kevin's name. Secret job selling shit? Yeah, you bet'cha you're a friggin suspect."What's with the notebook?" asked Kevin, slurping on his smoothie.I shrugged, sliding it back in my pocket. "Just some poetry I'm writing for Adam."My eyes closed and I groaned audibly. That was the lamest excuse ever.Apparently Kevin agreed if his disgusted expression was anything preteen angels uncensored to by. His next comment, however, confirmed his feelings. "Pretty ironic for a guy who likes dick to be such a pussy."My cup tipped over his plate and his cake was promptly drowned in Pepsi.I smirked at his devastated expression face. "Don't preteen lollita girls hate the player, baby, hate the game."*** I had been in the restaurant for a little over three hours and it was nearing five o'clock. I was thankful I knew the waiter whose table I was currently camped out in, and that he didn't mind my prolonged stay. Andy was on the Student Council with me and luckily he owed me a favor. Last semester I loaned him a bunch of notes for Physics, since he kept oversleeping and missing the 830 class. Killian slipped into the seat facing me a little over half an hour after Kevin left, and an hour after I sent him a vague text message.Killian nursed the Coke in front of him, shooting the Exit sign a hopeful look then turned to me, bored. "Why am I here, Chad? I already talked to Ryan and he told me you're doing some kind of friendship enforcement or some crap. Last time I checked we have nothing in common.""That's a lie," I said weakly, searching intently for a flaw in his logic. I found one, smiled and proclaimed, "We both like dick!"Killian looked more than ready to run for the exit if his sudden spasm was any indication. Okay, that maybe wasn't the best comeback. Ugh, word vomit strikes again. A shadow fell over the table and we asian preteen fucked both turned. A girl, early twenties, Asian and very pretty, smiled shyly at Killian. His perturbed expression smoothed till it was replaced by a smile, polite and friendly. I blinked. It was eerie. He looked downright nice."Hi, you're Killian Morris, right?" she asked, ducking her head. It was cute.Killian nodded. "That's right.""I saw you at Fashion Week last year in New York, and I just wanted to tell you I'm a big fan," said the girl bashfully. "I was wondering if I could have your autograph."My eyebrows climbed up so high I was sure they were having a picnic with my hairline. Killian exchanged pleasantries nude preteen pitchers with the girl, Wendy, she introduced herself, as Killian signed her t-shirt "That'll never be washed again"- and parted with a nice hug. Record this in your diaries boys and girls, Killian Morris: Douchebag with a heart of gold. Never did I think I would see the day."What," Killian said defensively, his smiling slipping into a scowl once he noticed my blatant staring.I shrugged and said slowly, "I've never seen, nice.""It's not like I can preteen top100 models be nice to you," he retorted, crossing his arms and leveling me with a heated stare."Why not?" I shot back, feeling a bit curious. I really wanted to hear his answer. "We used to be friends, right?"Killian rolled his eyes. "We both know why we're not anymore.""But we still have things in common.""I highly doubt that," he muttered, glancing at his watch.I took a minute to think. It's been too long since I've hung out with Killian. I chstcnt preteens don't know what we had in common anymore. Hell, it was taking me all I had to sit here and have a civilized conversation with him. Talking to him like this made me all ansty and nervous, like there was a trap waiting to be sprung. Of course that was dumb, since I was the one doing the baiting. And that sounded all kinds of dirty in my head. I shuddered and then looked up to Killian staring, a `you're such a creepy fucker' look on his face."Music!" I said abruptly, a smile lighting my face. "Ryan is always saying that you and I share taste in bands."Killian raises his eyebrow and his tone comes out doubtful, "I don't think so. I listen to a lot of Indie Rock.""What like the Shiny Toy Guns or the preteen showing tits Yeah Yeah Yeahs?"Surprise flickered in his green eyes. "Uh... I actually bought the Yeahs last album.""Me too!" I said, freesex preteens equally surprised. "Zero and Runaway are my favorite tracks I think.""I love Zero!" Killian smiled, wide and enthused.We shared matching smiles, and it's all silent and monumental as we just stare. I never would've thought Killian was so freakin' cool. It's a little hard to fathom but it's kind of amazing. Some emotion trades between us, friendship maybe, and our smiles drop like a drunk girl's panties in Cancun. The world tilted back on its axis and we dropped our eyes, distaste written all over our faces, and just like that normality was restored.Oh God, did I get slipped a roofie? I was obviously not in my right mind. Killian, cool or nomal? Ha-fucking-ha. I mean, get real.An awkward silence settled as we avoided eyes."So, uh," I began trying to steer the conversation away from awkward zone. "Ryan says you're anniversary is coming up? Got any gifts in mind?"Sure enough the topic of Ryan had him smiling like a dope. If it wasn't so sickeningly cute I would've rolled my eyes. Honestly, it's not like I can say much I was the same way. As far as I was concerned, the sun comes out when Adam smiles. And could I sound any gayer? I had a brief flash of unicorns and rainbows and decided, that yes, I could."It's funny since we were just talking about music," preteen model pictuerw began Killian, sliding a finger through the ring of condensation on the table left by his Coke. "I've been trying to get Ryan into some of my bands, but he's dead set on his Emo, Post-Hardcore Rock. Freaking tragedy if you ask me. I want to get him an iPod filled with all my music. It'll be a conversion, only without the creepy cult or preteen lol model suicide free young preteenmodels Kool-aid."I made a preteen dvd sex sound in my throat and I said weakly, "An iPod? Aren't those like expensive?"Killian made a dismissive motion with his hand. "If I want something I just take it."I had a hard time not standing up and pointing my attractive pre teen finger at him, screaming "A-Ha!", but I refrained. Barely. My smile froze and it damn sure didn't reach my eyes. I was good but I wasn't that good. No Oscar was in my future.So Model boy took whatever he felt like, huh? Not a surprise. I always thought his eyes were a little shifty. I pulled out the notebook from my pocket. There goes two checkmarks next to the tampon-eater.Killian narrowed his eyes at my smile that may or not have been a tad bit evil. Oh well. I have what I came for.Thirty minutes later Killian's long gone, and my phone's out as I sent a multi-text to my friends. The checkmark went up in the text-outbox, message successfully sent. I closed the phone went a snap. Time to get all "Unusual Suspects" on some asses. *** Lightning flashed through the windows illuminating the tastefully decorated living room. A beat preteen modles gallerys later a boom of thunder followed the lightning, making the four boys gathered around the circular table jump and look at each other nervously. They sat around the table in order of Kevin, Adam, then Killian and Ryan.I strolled into the living room dressed in a pair of black slacks and turtleneck in the same shade. I took a minute to survey the four gathered around the table, also all dressed in black."I know you're all wondering why I asked you here.""It's nine p.m. on a Saturday," said Killian, fixing me an annoyed glare. "Why'd canadian preteen you send us all a text to come over? And what's with this simulation? Nathaniel's going to be pissed that you're using the room this way."Adam raised his eyebrow at me, all Vulcan like and adorable, and said, "And why did you want us all in black?"I smiled slowly and not at all happily. "I'm setting the mood.""I'm almost afraid to ask," Ryan muttered, and then said louder, "Mood for what?""My iPod went missing, stolen, actually," I declared. "And the thief is in fact, in this topless preteens pics room."Killian let out an annoyed sigh followed by Kevin as all four boys rose to their feet, all of them loudly announcing this being a waste of time. The noise in the room rose progressively louder as they tried talking above the other, then they started making for the door. And honestly, that wasn't going to work for me."Sit down!" I snapped, loud, forceful and all kinds of Drill Sergeant. They froze as I jabbed my finger at Kevin's direction, who was still moving, "Kevin sit your five dollar ass down before I make change!"Everyone plopped in their chairs terrified, staring between us. Kevin's eyes widened at my stony expression and he slinked into his chair and said weakly, "I was just stretching my back. I swear."Lightning arched outside the windows and everyone looked small preteen tits uneasy as silence descended. I walked passed the table and ran my fingers along the fur of a stuffed Alaskan Husky, long dead and easily waist high."What in the hell is that?" asked Adam incredulously, pointing at the dog. "Is that a stuffed dog? Did that thing used to be alive?"I glared at him. "Shh... Be nice to Riot. The old lady I bought him from used to keep him in a box full of old lamps."Grabbing the dog's collar, I walked toward the table with its legs sliding across the floor. Their eyes fell on the dog being haphazardly dragged behind me like a sack of potatoes, following its progress with expressions of unabashed disbelief."I know somebody knows something," I said, stalking forward with Riot in tow. "What? Everybody suddenly can't find their tongue?"They exchanged dubious looks amongst themselves that frankly, I wasn't too keen on. I launched Riot forward and the giant dog thudded against the table top, making Adam scream like a bitch and shocking the hell out of them all."Riot down!" I jerked him around, barking and growling under my breath, pushing him into their faces as they clustered together, terrified and bemused. "Down! Down! Down boy!"Ryan whimpered a little with eyes turned heavenward, looking like he was praying for salvation. Kevin looked exasperated and Killian was his usual bored and surly self. Adam was biting his lip, probably trying to stifle a laugh.Kevin sighed long-sufferingly, "You are fucking retarded."I shrugged, dragging the dog around till I stood between Ryan and Killian's seats. "Don't everyone all speak at once. Ryan, Killian, Adam, Kevin. I know somebody has something to say."Killian smiled sweetly. "Blow me.""Shut your cockholster before I twist your pansy ass into a pretzel, bitch!" I growled. My face smoothed over back into its neutral expression. "Somebody is going to start talking, damn it.""If I had a brick or something equally as heavy, I would throw it at you," said Kevin, nodding thoughtfully."Aw, brotherly love," Adam sighed with exaggerated wistfulness.Riot trailed behind me as I dragged him away from the table. "Sit," I commanded sharply. I took a step away and he toppled over, doggy legs sticking straight up, so I hastily amended the command, "Lay."Adam put a fist in his mouth and ducked his face, but it's a lost cause since shaking shoulders kind of give him away.Ryan cleared his throat. "I have to work on this study guide for one of the kids I'm tutoring so..."I cut him off. "And how's that whole money saving thing going, Ryan? Made any leaps in goals? You know an iPod would fetch quite a bit youngest preteenz of dough."Ryan gaped. "Could you watch anymore bad crime shows? I dare you."Kevin snorted. "Been wondering that for seventeen years, dude."I shot him a look and pointed my finger right between his eyes. "Nobody's laughing, wench. You're not off the hook. Where you getting them funky fly clothes at, man? Did you sell my iPod to pay for the new duds?""You dick, you know I have a job," Kevin replied, glowering at me.Killian made a face and asked doubtfully, "You have a job?""A ha!" I shouted gleefully, arms rising in victory. "Why has no one heard of this job? Because there's not one!"Kevin frowned. "I do too have a job, dick breath!"I flicked his ear. "Don't lie, cum licker.""Queer as fuck.""Vagina face.""Shit for brains.""STD carrier.""...What?""So's your face.""What?""So's your face."I blinked at his smug expression. "Are you a moron?""Uh, uh," Kevin floundered at being put on the spot. preteen strapon sex He pointed to Adam suddenly, shocking him. "What about, Adam?"Adam looked preteens videos hot lost for words, frowning. "What about me?""You probably took it! You could've snuck it right out of here under one of your massive pecs."Killian and Ryan leaned over in their chairs, appraising his chest and sharing an inquiring look. I eyed the way the black polo, which was a size or two too small, stretched tightly across his sculpted chest and clung to his broad shoulders. My eyes glazed over a bit till I looked up, meeting Adam's scowl with a sheepish smile."My chest is normal sized," Adam argued, bottom lip jutted out and eyes staring pregnant preteen sister at me, wide and big.It made me smile. I patted him on the shoulder. "Whatever gets you to sleep at night, Bowflex.""He got you there, chisel preteen nudist sports chest," laughed Killian.I descend on him all nude hairy preteen Professor Snape like, and my smile turned dark as he inched away. "Trying to divert attention? You could've easily stolen it. Let me quote you, `If I want something I just take it'. Sound familiar, chuckles?"Killian preteen pedo toplist glared hotly. "It wasn't even like that!""Then how was it like," I bit back, staring hard into those flashing green eyes. "From where I'm standing it sounds like you're a fucking cat burglar."His mouth opens and closes a few times as all eyes turn to him. "It was Kevin! Come on! Who in the hell secretly has a job and says nothing? No one, that's who.""Hey, you fucker!" said Kevin, standing up. "I'm a step away from being web models preteen a friggin' angel. Show me some respect!"Killian put his hands together in a prayer. "Dear God or They Above All and whoever else upstairs: take your damn Trumpet back. I've had it with his bullshit. Amen."Kevin pointed his finger at him and dropped his voice to a menacing growl. "Don't make me fuck you up. Powers lesser or no, there's still smiting potential in these hands.""Let's not get hasty," Ryan said, standing up and inching closer to Killian.Adam slapped his hands down on the table and stood up. "I say we sit down and all talk about this," he shot me a look, "like reasonable people."I waved him off. "Fuck that. I say we throw some Jello on them and let them wrestle it out WWE style.""My boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen," Adam grumbled as the argument between Killian and Kevin increased in pitch.Ryan's voice mixed in too as he tried to diffuse the situation. Adam joined in a moment later to play peacemaker. He eventually grabbed my hand and dragged me into the pissing match as everything turned heated."Boys, boys, BOYS!"We stilled, frozen in place, as Nathaniel entered the room. A little tanner and dressed in dark slacks and a gray shirt, our advisor surveyed us with narrowed eyes.I opened my mouth to explain but he held up a single hand, stopping me in mid sentence. "I've been watching everything in the observation deck. At first I thought you were training." He shook his head and said dryly, "Obviously not.""Chad's fault," Killian gripped quietly.I shot him a look and mouthed, `I will end you'.`Die, jackass,' was his silent reply back.Nathaniel rolled his eyes seeing the entire exchange. He pinched the bridge of his nose, his face looked part perplexed and part chagrined. "I already know what's going on. Like I said, I saw everything. I've already had Lan bring up the appropriate footage from the cameras to see what happened to your iPod."I sexy preteen non blinked, cause hello, cameras? That's new. "Since when do we have cameras in here?"Nathaniel smiled a secret smile. "I installed them after the Unrelenting destroyed the house and broke in here. So I decided to beef up the security.""That's actually kind of awesome," admitted Adam, impressed."Could I take a look?" Ryan asked, of course curious at the prospect of new gizmos.I cleared my throat. "Video footage first. Priorities people. Come on."Nathaniel nodded and said, "Lan, begin playing archived footage from save point Y-zeta 1."We all lean forward, watching, as in the air a holo-screen flickered to life. It's filled with static for rape preteen xxx a long moment then images appear. It's the locker room. I lick my lips as the beautiful preteens door slides open and a shadow falls across the room's floor. Then that's when it got motherfucking crazy. Jaws dropped, breaths left in startled gasps, as I appeared on the holo-screen. The video showed me traipsing to my locker, opening it and plucking the iPod from the inside, then calmly skipping from the room."I know I'm a homo and all," I started at their stunned stares. "But I don't remember skipping, like, ever!"Killian scoffed. preteen sandra model "Psht. Whatever, jerkoff. Thank you for wasting my Saturday night."They continued to stare at me and I ducked my head, flushing. Maybe I did take it... and forgot? "Guys come on. It was an honest mistake. Let bygones be bygones, and all that."I barely managed to escape Kevin tackling me to the ground. I wasn't quick enough to dodge Ryan. Ten minutes later, we're heap of arms and legs on the ground. My face is pressed down into the carpet, arms painfully and awkwardly bent behind my back, shouting expletives like a drunken sailor."You owe us, dick wad," said Kevin.My face is pressed into the carpet so my reply of "What? Anything!" is muffled."Chinese food!" said Ryan, sitting on one of my legs. "Treat us."Killian sat on the other leg and simply hmms, "I'm thinking Thai."Taco bell, losers," Kevin argued, sitting on my ass.Adam is sitting on my back and he leans forward so his mouth tickles my earlobe. "For me I'm thinking a Cinnnabon. And a blowjob. Not essentially in that order or at the same time, although that would be awesome."His awesome was pitched low and intimate and I shuddered as something pooled deep in my belly, best preteen image hot and gooey. I closed my eyes fighting the dopey smile from forming on my face.*** I was a little miffed. I tore lolotas preteen models apart my room last night and nothing. This morning the process was repeated and still nothing. Whatever I did with that iPod who in the hell knows. Apparently I don't even remember taking the damn thing. Maybe I sleepwalked and dropped it somewhere? I had no preteen pubic portfolio answers and it was frustrating.It was nearing Sunday evening when I made it to the mall. I jogged over to the East entrance where I texted everyone to meet up at. Since I owed them all "for acting like Sherlock Ass" in Kevin's words, I was obligated to make it up to them. And since they couldn't decide on a joint `I'm sorry' treat, I was taking them to the food court at the mall and whatever they wanted was on me. I owed it to them after all.I caught sight of Adam leaning against the wall next to the doors, dressed in tight dark jeans and a plain red shirt. His hair's mussed and floppy, gentle waves barely noticeable without the extra length it once had. His hazel eyes land on me and his whole face lights up. When he natural nude preteen smiles it hits me that Adam means everything to me, and it's a little overwhelming sometimes. I love this boy, wholly and truly. Like forever kind of love."Hey, sexy, going my way?" Adam asked, eyes racking down my body.I waggle my eyebrows. "I love when you play the tramp, its so Pretty Woman.""Does that make me the girl?" he grinned.I shake my head. "No, that just makes you the hooker.""Want a smoke?" Adam asked, lifting a box of those old school candy cigarettes to his mouth and extracting one with his lips in a way that might be sexy if they weren't, God damn, fucking candy cigarettes.I rolled my eyes. Adam's candy thing rivals my love of pastries. He can always be tided over with a pack of preteen forum nonnude gummy bears or candy hearts. He's like a kid that way. The candy cigarettes happen now and again. He can't stop himself from buying them wherever he sees them, because they're hard to come by these days and Adam loves them, even if they do pedo preteen nymphet taste like chalk."Do you have any real ones?" I asked, taking off my sunglasses as I spot Ryan and Kevin making their way toward us from the parking lot."That shit'll kill ya," Adam drawls, Texas accent thick and pronounced, as it usually is when he talks slow and intent.Adam twirled his fake cigarette between his lips, candy pink tongue flicking out to draw it further into his mouth. new preteen porn I imagine that tongue swirling around my cock, moans drifting to my ears. It takes willpower, so much of it, to not to get distracted by the spectacle. I fail, miserably, if I'm being honest with myself. Adam catches my eyes, noticing their glassed over glossiness, and he slowly smiles knowingly.The candy crunches a second later and I looked over bikini preteen modles to see Adam licking chalky residue from his sugar sticky lips. It's all kinds of hot and obscene, and did I say, hot. I bit the inside of my cheek, hard.Kevin bounces up all smiles, clapping me on the back. "Ready to crack out that wallet, bro?""Not really."He shrugged, grinning. "Too bad. You'll learn the next time you break out that homemade Inspector Gadget badge.""I was eight, you tool," I said through gritted teeth."Where's Killian?" asked Adam.Ryan twirled his key ring around his finger and replied, "He's meeting us here. I took my dad's car."We entered the mall and Kevin pulled out his phone, engrossed in an intense text conversation. I slid my hands down into Adam's hand and locked our fingers together. A fond smile slid across his face and sexy adorable preteens he squeezed."I told Killian we'll be in the food court," said Ryan, closing his phone. "He'll find us."Adam grinned preteen cp binaries and said softly, "Remember Cinnabon and blowjob."I mirrored that grin. "You're such a slut. You'll just try and kiss me. I'll have a face full of cum and frosting, then." I nodded determined and quickened my pace. "We have work to do.""Wow," said Adam, eyes looking far away, his face slack with awe. "That'll be awesome. Come and frosting?""Things Chad loves having in or around his mouth for five hundred, Alex," said Kevin, not even having the decency to look up from texting to deliver the insult.Ryan laughed, hard and loud. "Nice.""Damn," Adam chuckled too, smiling blindingly.I shrugged. "I can't really deny it." I sidestepped a pair of kids running down the walkway. "It's pretty much like fact at this point."Adam put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to his side. "Swallowing means you care." He grinned at a woman who shot preteen bikini love us a look at our joined bodies. "And you know how much I love that you swallow.""Oh my, God," exclaimed Kevin, looking up from his phone, a look of horror on his face. "I don't want to hear that about my brother and the sexing. Like come on." He stuck a finger in my face. "I deserve reparations for this. You owe me. Bake me a cake, bitch.""I don't cook, jackass.""So you'd cook for me, if you knew how to?" Kevin grinned, batting his eyelashes, "Aw, little brother. I love you too."He ducked the punch aimed at his head.Adam laughed. "I have to go use the bathroom." He kissed my nose, "Go on. I'll meet you at the food court."I glanced at Ryan. He kept looking around with subtle glances like someone was about to jump out and declare he'd been Punk'd. I cleared my throat as he did it again."Something up, Ryan?"He smiled guiltily at being caught. "I think Killian's buying me something for our anniversary right now." He flushed shyly, his eyes bright and happy. "He preteen panty jpg was being super secretive on the phone."Kevin looked around, scanning the mall as we made our way up the escalators. "I guess that's why he said he'd meet us inside.""Do you want us to bust him Cops style?" I asked, staring him down.Ryan gave me his preteen pussy toplist usual `I'm kind of frightened by you' expression and said slowly, "That's...uh, no. I'll just wait for the surprise, thank you.""Your lose," said Kevin, shrugging. "We're awesome at stealth, like freaking Aurors, man."Gray eyes widened behind thin glasses and Ryan muttered, "Did you really reference yourselves to Harry Potter characters?""Yes!" I answered, cackling triumphantly. "He so just did.""Oh, God," grumbled Kevin. "Fuck my life!"Ryan stepped off the escalator and looked at us for a long everlasting moment. "You two are the biggest drama queens I know. Chad's gay, so what's your excuse, Kevin?"I patted Kevin on the head, cooing at him, "Who's my pretty little princess?""Get your hand off me, fucko," he growled and then winked playfully, showing he was kidding.I preteens natural nude pinched his cheeks and ran ahead to the stairs that led up to the food court. Man, some Panda Express would be just about heaven right now. My smile brightened as I spotted Adam already there. My hand dropped mid wave seeing Killian plastering himself to Adam's side. I frowned as Killian backed Adam against a table, their hands entangling and a small smirk on his face. Adam smiled, that adorable bright grin that I loved, my smile, and pulled him in closer.It was like a train wreck. I watched detached, barely hearing Kevin's surprised shout or Ryan's gasp of shock as they flanked my sides. Killian leaned in and Adam tilted their heads, meeting together in a kiss that toplisten nude preteen hit me like a punch in the gut.Adam looked up as Kevin shouted and we met eyes. Hazel eyes washed over me and my heart fell in my spread preteens nude chest when his face preteen anna pussy flashed with surprise, but not pain. Not pain like I was preteen nudiest pics feeling. Pain that was hammering into me, like I was drowning in it.The world started shaking as I grew dizzy. Somebody grabbed me tight. Distantly I heard screams ring in the air. All around me, all around us. It was me. I was shaking the building and causing the earth to quake. And right now I couldn't bring myself to stop or care.Everything went out of focus and I let out a scream. **** Welcome to the first chapter of the new and last saga in the Chosenverse. This will be the last full series followed by drinking pee preteen one more short story. This saga will answer some nagging unsolved questions and introduce some changes for the boy's, particularly Chad's life and future. Such as: What exactly does it mean to be Chosen and who were those that came before? And what do two princes do without a kingdom do? Dreamlands? Atlantis?... This will all be explored and preteen myamodel -- If you want to send me an email. - The Chosen naughty preteen daughter forum. Stop in, say hi. -- The Chosen Wiki preteen bilini pics (Caution: still a WIP)
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